Traditional condoms have fatal defect when being used in preventing HIV/AIDS etc STIs. On July 20th 2001, a report by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institute of Health (NIH), US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and US Agency of International Development (USAID) concludes that consistent common condom use decreased the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission by about 85% (condom report p.14), the failure rate because of improper use or leakage due to bad quality etc is less than 2.4%; In the meantime there's no evidence prove that condom is effective at all in preventing over 100 kinds of HPVs, because these STIs are transmited on skin-to-skin basis while traditional condoms can not cover the pubic area therefore can not isolate body fluid (the Love Water) contamination completely. The wounds in the pubic area caused by hundreds of kinds of STIs will multiply (more than 2 - 5 folds) the chances being infected by HIV/AIDS. Therefore, HIV/AIDS should not be prevented alone or separately. It should be prevented simultaneously with hundreds of kinds of STIs. During sex, tiny wounds caused by the falling of pubes or excoriation etc will leave a person under the threat of AIDS infection. AIDS virus could enter into human body via any tiny wounds on skin or mucous membrane, even infecting a person via the Langerhans Cells on skin or mucous membrane without any wounds. Langerhans Cells exist from the dividing line between the skin color & flesh (pink) color on the foreskin and beyond. This is also true for female. But the body fluids (the love water) contamination is not so easy to be washed clean completely. Such washing might spread HIV/AIDS onto the Langerhans Cells. Due to the 10 years of maximum length of AIDS virus latent period and the limitation of AIDS census & screening, many people do not know that they themselves are AIDS carriers. In certain senses, it's the wrong conception that common contraceptive condoms can prevent AIDS that makes AIDS widely spread even worse. For example, currently about 1.7 million Americans are HIV/AIDS carriers and 20% (65 million) Americans have (or had) STIs (FDA data in 2001). These data reflects how severe the defect of common condom was. Many of the HIV/AIDS carriers & STI patients are innocent & faithful mates or young people who are in the active age of love, but they have no control on their counter-parts who might have unsafe sex under impulsion somewhere or before. The hope is, scientific tests prove that AIDS virus can not go through a qualified condom due to its wall thickness and fluid flew effect. AIDS is fatal for individuals. Hundreds of kinds of STIs might lead to marriage breakup. One time failure caused by the fatal defect of common condoms is 100% failure. Use your cellphone to send short message to 10 of your friends, let them know the fatal defect of common condoms, and tell them remember to send the same message to 10 of their friends. Your kindness might save people's lives in millions.

Patented ExtensionSkirt™ + EnduroRing™ techs that can help
Prolong sex time

EnduroRing can also prevent the overflow of sperms from the root of a condom, to decrease the risk of infections from male to female.

Self-standing (non-pasting seamless) ExtentionSkirt™ technology to isolate body-fluid (Love Water) contamination more completely to prevent AIDS etc Sexual-Transmitted-Disease infections¡­

Without chemical additives therefore without side-effect

ExtensionSkirt™ + EnduroRing™
Individual pack is 4 times larger than common condoms
Packing box is 4 times larger than common condoms
U.S. Patent Publication Number: 20050224080, other patent numbers are confidential now.
China Patent Number: 2004100219848, 2005100092930, 2005202002421, 2005102002642, 2005202003462, 2005102002708, 2005202003602...
International Patents Pending.
Abstract: A condom, wherein the condom loop is a thickened belt-like ring. The function of the loop is equivalent to the rim of the eye of a lamb that being adopted since ancient China. The loop can reduce the speed of the flow back of the blood in the vein of the penis but it does not holdback the pump in of the blood in the artery. Therefore it will increase the amount of the blood inside the sponge-like muscle of the penis.The root of the condom also has an extended skirt, hat or similar structure to isolate body liquid contamination. Adoption of this invention will help treat impotence and prevent AIDS etc Sexual-Transmitted-Disease infections.
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